Hi! My name is Naomi, and this is a collection of my personal, educational, and professional work.

Originally from Berkeley, CA, I attended Berkeley High School, then Oberlin College, where I graduated with a BA in Studio Art. I received a M.Arch from UC Berkeley. I lived in Chicago for a year, where I briefly worked at the Robie House in Hyde Park (which was great).

I currently work as a Senior Designer of accessible media at a blindness agency in San Francisco, where I develop design standards and processes for tactile maps and graphics produced by 3D printer, embosser, and UV printer. Supporting my department’s purpose, to provide access to information for people who are blind and visually impaired (BVI), my work promotes the idea that increased quantity and quality of tactile graphics leads to improved tactile literacy.

I collaborate with educators and researchers creating curriculum for BVI students, as well as designing maps and graphics for institutions and companies, ranging from amusement parks to classroom materials to coding apps. I have led award-winning tactile mapping projects, aiming to ensure that tactile maps are available and useful to the widest range of BVI travelers and educators.

I live with my PhD-student partner and LEGO-building kindergartener in Oakland, CA.


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