Campanile Universal re-Design

Professor: Chris Downey
project date: April 2013

In this group project for a Universal Design/ ADA construction course, my teammate and I designed an addition to the iconic Sather Tower (Campanile) on the UC Berkeley campus. Though a rather contentious design review ensued, we learned a great deal about historic renovation and the difficulties involved in accommodating for use by everyone.

The goal was to design a way for all visitors to enjoy the Campanile. In its current state, the 8th floor viewing deck is only accessible to visitors able to walk up stairs. We approached the project from various angles– proposing bridges from other tall buildings (with elevators) on campus to the viewing area of the Campanile; a staircase and elevator that would wind around the tower– but ultimately settled on a separate elevator/stair tower with added and expanded viewing platforms, cafe, restrooms, and public space.

The main drawings produced for the project were in model-drawing form, lasercut chipboard with raised lines for sectional reading by our professor, who is blind. Experimenting with this mode of representation led us to understand the potential for tactile (and other sensory) representation.





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